16 February 2015 | By : Admin BPK FK UGM

Producing graduates who master the competencies to serve as Medical Teacher, Researcher Medical Education, Medical Education Innovato. To be able to perform three roles, learners need to master competencies based on the professional attitude as follows: - @ stop @ -

  1. Developing learning instruction and facilitate the learning process in a variety of settings in the classroom, clinic, and community, as well as for a variety of domains, including bioethics and behavior profsional
  2. Developing quality learning resources, efficient and affordable.
  3. Develop student learning assessment systems that are able to stimulate learning.
  4. Develop curriculum and instruction based contextual learning problems in society.
  5. Develop and implement a quality assurance system of medical education and health programs.
  6. Conducting educational research that address the problem of high medical and health education and disseminating the results of research on forums and scientific journals
  7. Educational innovation and manage changes that address the problem of high medical education and health.
  8. Managing medical institutions of higher education and health.