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Registration Web site:

Registration procedures implemented S2 prospective students via the Internet (online) with the procedure:

Pay a registration fee of Rp. 500.000, - for regular S2 (academic path). Payment can be made online at BNI throughout Indonesia with code: 2222 for registration S2 Regular (Academic Track) followed by the birth date format (ddmmyyyy)


To register with the date of birth 3 November 1980, the code is 222 203 111 980

If the date and month of birth is not known, then the date and month of birth is entered is January 1.

If payment is successful, then the receipt of payment will be listed passwords to fill out the registration form.

Conduct on-line registration

At the end of the registration form, applicants will get a registration number and the available buttons to print the registration form as a condition of registration documents. Coffee number of on-line registration please send via fax no. 0274-561196 accompanied by the type of program that will be followed.

Send / submit the file to the registration requirements:

Administration Graduate Program

Directorate of Academic Administration

UGM Central Office, Lt. 1, South Wing

Bulaksumur, Yogyakarta 55281

Tel: 0274-6492116

Exams acept / TOEFL and PAPS / TPA Otto Bapenas at times and locations that have been selected during the registration form.

Following the test interviews conducted in Prodi