By the year 2020, become a leading program in Master for Medical Education in Asia, in order to increase in the degree of health within society. This is done through a process which is rational, efficient, integrated, and continuous by applying good management. The program is being supported by human resources who areprofessionals and holds on ro patrap triloka, which includes being role model, facilitator-innovator, and mentor.


1. Increase the quality of Higher Education for Medicine and Health in various stages based on most recent scientific proofs and local wisdom.
2. Increase the number of research, national and international publication and patent in the field of higher education in medicine and health.
3. Provide professional service in the field of medical education and health for the benefit of society.
4. Develop and strengthen an independent management with good governance and increase the welfare of all those who professionally support the faculty.
5. Develop cooperation and collaboration in the field of medical and health education for graduate level in national, regional, and international scale.